Corporate Overview
Property and Casualty Surveys, Inc (PCS) was incorporated in California in 1993.  The focus, originally limited to appraisals and surveys for commercial lines and personal lines, has expanded to include other business information.   The two divisions, commercial lines and personal lines, are separately operated and managed by specialists in that line of business.  The field staffing for these two divisions is also separate, allowing the field representative to specialize in one area.   The geographic area of operations is purposely limited to California and Nevada. PCS operates within an automated environment. All work orders are inventoried and tracked by an automated system that can automatically assign work by geographic area to the field representative.  As the inspections are completed, reviewed and returned to the customer, the individual records are tagged which then allows an accurate, detailed and timely invoice to be created at the end of the billing period. Completed inspections are available for review on our website through our Inspect View product. This allows fast paperless delivery of the information to the underwriter.PCS is a member of the National Inspection Services Network (NISN), which is made up of 5 regional inspection companies. The goal of NISN is to be able to provide customers with service on a national basis while, at the same time, retaining the value of regional expertise.  Connected electronically, the members of NISN share common pricing and reporting formats for NISN customers. Please refer to the list of NISN members on this site.
Executive Summary Line Management
President - Phil Griffith-Jones
Mr. Griffith-Jones has over 30 years experience in the inspection industry in both operations and sales.  He has held line management and sales management positions with both regional and national companies.  Mr. Griffith-Jones is involved in product design and development as well as with assisting customers in the development of their re-underwriting programs. In Addition, Mr.Griffith-Jones continues to maintain both a regional and a national sales presence.
Vice President, Marketing - Terry Rogers
With over 40 years experience, Mr. Rogers has spent virtually his entire work career in the inspection business; beginning on a part time basis while still in school.  He has been associated with both regional and national companies, specializing in sales and sales management.  His responsibilities include sales and customer service for our Southern California territory.
Our managers are complemented by a full support staff consisting of assistant managers, field supervisors, office supervisors, quality reviewers, staff inspectors and trainers.  As a requirement of their position, each has completed a course of study focusing on insurance and underwriting.
Southern California
Brian Lent - Commercial Lines Manager  
Bryan Rogers - Personal Lines Manager
Northern California
Rodelynn Reyes - Branch Manager
Gary Rosener - Personal Lines Manager
Staffing Insurance
PCS currently employs over 150 full and part time field representatives.  They are situated throughout our geographic territory to minimize travel time and expense.  An administrative staff of 50 supports these employees.   We are pleased to provide full benefits, including profit sharing, to qualifying employees.
Property and Casualty Surveys, Inc. carries all appropriate business insurance including workers compensation and general liability.  Certificates are available on request.